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13 September 2019



How it works

What is Vriendly about?


Vriendly is an immersive virtual university campus where startups and entrepreneurs can get necessary education, network and build amazing companies through the access to Silicon Valley minds and resources, purely in VR. Live and offline resources make startups' life like a "piece of cake". At the end of the day,that's what startups need.


Vriendly revolutionizes the way entrepreneurs and startups learn,network and build companies.Its immersive environenment that is alike Silicon Valley creates emotional moment of being there without physically being there.We have everything any startup needs:the environment to engage with other entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors and accelerators.


Demo days are the important days for startups and accelerators.More startups mean stronger ecosystem.We believe that demo day "thing" has to step up to the next level and it is VR demo days we held. At the end of the day,investing side will save time,energy and the startup side will be engaged with more startups and investors. We know it is crazy,however we are certain that ultimately this "investor-startup" relationship will transition into VR-through Vriendly .

What makes us unique

Our unique selling points

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High quality learning materials

Startups need spesific education-designed spesifically for them.Whether it is about finance,growth or technology,Vriendly makes it possible through access to accelerators,universities and personas who already made it through.

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Affordable price

Building a company or learning process has to be precisely affordable-especially for startups,which have limited budget. Vriendly cares about the entreprenuerial ecosystem and makes it possible for every budget.Whether it is a workshop from a well known entrepreneur or professor,it is what you need as an entrepreneur to step up.

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Validated employment

Startups always need people.Whether it is an engineer or business person. Vriendly creates an immersive environment for startupsto engage with each other in VR and network,find co-founders,demo each other and enhance ecosystem.

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Your VR headset is the only thing you need to get your startup off of the ground without coming to Silicon Valley.All you need is to lay on the sofa and make it happen.

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Access thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. Engage,network and learn from each other without hustle.

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Social independence and confidence

What makes Vriendly unique is it has no charachteristical restrictions.Use its environment for your benefit and feel emotionally free while using Vriendly.


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