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What is Vriendly about?


Vriendly is an immersive virtual university campus where anyone from anywhere in the world can get education, socialize and build their community. The campus makes it possible for anyone to study,communicate with their friends and get to know people from all around the world by spending a joyful time.


Vriendly revolutionizes the way we used to study,learn,communicate and network. Learning process has to be joyful rather than painful. Here,in our Virtual class we created a unique environment for our users that provides the same quality with completely different experience.Professors and professionals from top universities and companies will give an education that is necessary for personal and professional growth. Here,users can either become a professional programmer or get an MBA. The reality is that accessible and affordable.


Today startups become one of the main economical driving factors. However,startups in U.S. and globally, struggle to network and raise funds due to relocation and financial problems.
On the other hands, startup accelerators try to attract more entrepreneurs and investors to create the unique entrepreneurial environment.The problem is that Investors' time is very scarce and physical spaces of accelerators are not enough to held massive demo days. Vriendly solves this issue perfectly with VR demo days in our Pitch room with its brand new 3d custom slide options . It is a new wave in startup ecosystem that will completely change the way startups pitch,create slides and network.

What makes us unique

Our unique selling points

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High quality learning materials

Whether it is a professional training you attend or an MBA,professional professors and specialists will guide you how to achieve your educational and personal goals.

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Affordable price

Education has to be accessible and affordable for anyone in the world regardless of the location. With Vriendly you can get our VR Master's, MBA or any VR course with unbelievably affordable price without getting in loan debt for 20 years. Forget the visa and travel stress.

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Validated employment

Companies are in need for people with entrepreneurial mindset that can innovate and think out of box. Vriendly creates a risk-free environemnt to study and grow professionally.

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You can either explore Vriendly laying on your sofa or at any venue. All you need is your device and internet connection.

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Whether your friends,professors and network are at the various locations around the globe,you can access them anywhere, anytime.

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Social independence and confidence

Our independence and confidence makes us valuable in modern society. With Vriendly socializing becomes more real and fun.


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Mammad Karim

Serial Entrepreneur | Investor


Aytakin Aliyeva

Social Entrepreneur | Community Builder | Social Media Expert



Ulvi Nasibli

CEO | Co-founder


Kamran Gurbanli

CTO | Co-founder


Ruslan Gurbanov

Unity developer


Javid Abdullaev

Web developer


Sabina Abbasova

Concept Artist | Graphic Designer


Aghababa Baghirov

Concept Artist | 3D Modeller


ELnur Jafarli

UI/UX Developer