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Virtual World for
Tech & Startup Industry Mastering
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Our story

The Virtual World for Tech and Startup Industry Mastering Sales Education and Collaborate Efficiently. We are the early adopters, developers and believers in the new world that is going to be altered by virtual reality technology and 3D environments that transform how we interact and communicate.

Each member in the team has a unique life and professional background story that created a perfect sauce to start Vriendly. We believe that the world of organizing events and startups will eventually become one massive multiplayer environment and should be connected to each other in the Metaverse. Your own customized avatars will differ you from the rest and make you unique.
“Vriendly” believes that everyone is unique on its own way!


Discover, Learn, Socialize.

Authentic multi-theme rooms and 3D customized environments with authentic functionality at Vriendly enable you to organize any type of event and make it fun for everyone. We believe that whether it is assigning tasks on a beautifully designed whiteboard,attending on-city virtual conferences or having party with people you may or may not now, it creates meaningful experience to learn and enjoy.

Spatial audio makes this process extremely human alike and there is no difference between the real world. And this is not the end of what can be experienced. Users can go off the sessions and engage through their customized avatars in the common area which is 24/7 open. They can learn, engage, work and most importantly feel how special one can become.

Here at Vriendly, each of you can become your own "Ready Player One" or "Marty McFly" and build amazing futuristic experiences with unique tools and try that were inaccessible to the previous generation. Whether you own an Oculus Quest, Rift or just using your personal computer you may become the “citizen of the new world” at Vriendly. Think creatively and build your own metaverse!


Competitive Advantages

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Sales education

We believe that sales education is one of the effective ways to learn by aciving gross.

All-in-one package

Vriendly makes you less worried about costs by enabling third party integrations.

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Customizable analytics

Fully customisible analytics for post session assessment.

Device agnostic

We believe in no limitations. Use your device or VR headset to explore Vriendly and create your own experience.

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Customizable environments

There are several environments to explore. Engage, create and share experiences on your own metaverse.

Investors mathcmaking

Match with investors and advisors from Tech and startup Industry.


Idea formation phase

It all started on April, 2018 with the vision to create the multiplayer environment where users can simulate their real world and enjoy various experiences.

Customer Validation

Talking to customers and validating it, made us to pick a niche that seems ,need it most. It was the result of tens of tests and pilots with the customers.

MVP development phase

TIteration and testing became crucial for us that led to designing and developing MVP which was enought to talk to first customers.

Closed beta

On August 2020, we launched the closed beta with minimal functionalities and with only 2 environments.

Public beta

Coming soon.

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Happy Customers


Our Team

Discover, Learn, Socialize.
Ulvi Nasibli


CEO | Co-Founder

Kamran Gurbanly


CTO | Co-Founder

Yagub Mehdiyev


Creative Director |

Ruslan Gurbanov


Senior Unity Developer | Co-Founder

Faiq Rustamov


Front-end Developer

Our Partners